Answered Prayer

Your prayers for the ministry of Jesus Loves You are greatly appreciated. The Lord has done such awesome things through Jesus Loves You! We never want to here are our “stones of remembrance" in honor of how the Lord has worked in our midst:


  • We are so thankful as many came to the saving knowledge of Jesus at our outreaches to the needy during the week and at the evangelistic outreach at the Stan Sheriff Center! (even at the Prayer tent that night!)

  • Nearly 6,000 people were in attendance and the night rocked with music by The Katinas, Jaci Velasquez, her husband Nic Gonzales, and local group Olivia the Band!

  • Many volunteers played an integral part in seeing that things ran smoothly. Our heartfelt thanks to them!

  • 45 churches from across the island were involved in some way: either through attending, praying, bringing family & friends, or volunteering. Many expressed how this event brought the Body of Christ together that evening. Praise the Lord.

  • A combined hula group of over 40 women from several churches blessed all in attendance as they danced to "Upon This Rock" sung by Pastor Francis.

  • Some churches from the Waianae area car pooled 90 homeless people to the event. And over 50 gave their hearts to the Lord that night! They are now plugged into churches in their area.

  • Pastor Francis shared an awesome Gospel message and many people responded to the Good News. They filled the aisles as the eyes of their families were filled with tears of joy.

    We are so thankful for all the Lord did. THANK YOU JESUS!!!


    His Provision

    We prayed for God’s provision and He came through....again! From the finances, to 1,250 donated hot dogs, to cans and cans of chili, to a giant tent, to discounts on “slush puppies”, to donations of hygiene gift kits and food, to hundreds of pieces of clothing, to chests of ice, to generators, to beautiful plants and flowers for our events—the Lord provided abundantly. And all we can do is humbly thank Him.

    The Weather

    It had been raining nearly all week, but God cleared the skies and it was an absolutely beautiful weekend. This is one of the many areas where we have learned to totally trust God. HE Is in control!


    We had a great turn-out of volunteers who were more than eager to serve...with smiles. The volunteers set the tone for the day. They came early to set up tents, tables, chairs, and areas. And they stayed late to break it all down. In between, they treated our guests with love, joy, and kindness. We are so thankful for each and every one who gave of their time to others.

    Safety & Protection

    One of our prayers was that everyone would be kept safe, with no injuries and the Lord answered that prayer. There were no incidents. In fact, people remarked how great it was to let their kids run and enjoy the day without worrying about them. We are thankful for the Lord’s protection over the entire grounds.

    Physical Needs Met

    Through the distribution of goods to the homeless living on the beaches (they needed jackets & one of the donated boxes contained brand new jackets & sweatshirts!), under a bridge, and in transitional housing...we were able to bring the Lord’s love in a tangible way. Many people were blessed by all that was given to them in the Jesus’ Name.

    Spiritual Needs Met

    At the women’s and men’s outreaches, the free dinner and concert, and the children’s carnival, the Gospel was presented and many people...moms, dads, young adults, and kids responded. Please pray for their continued growth in Him.


  • Many, many hearts were given to the Lord through the outreaches, Gospel presentations, and concert message. We are so thankful for all the Lord did to touch others with His great Love.

  • The Lord's Provision - As of two days before our event, we did not have the finances needed but the message of "TRUST GOD" filled out hearts and the Lord miraculously provided the needed funds!

  • The weather was perfect for each and every event!

  • There were many donations to make our outreaches possible from companies such as: Dovetail Ministries, Conrad Enterprises, Watanabe Florist, Fortress Eyewear, Fukunaga Products, Kaimuki Christian School, Maneline, the Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel, Dole Pineapple, Menehune Water, Goveas, Kukui Sausage, Persen Farms, Koolau Distributors, and Kamaina Roll-off. We are so very grateful to them all.

  • Free Women's Brunch/Men’s Breakfast - The women met in a beautifully decorated room with yellow and green table settings as Jenene Ahia shared her gift of music and Patty shared the Word. The men met outdoors for a time of worship and a message by Pastor Francis. Both events were a great and encouraging time for all who attended.

  • Volunteer Training/Prayer/Distribution to Those in Need - The training geared us up for the week’s events. This was followed by a special time of prayer together. And then teams of people went out to bring hygiene gift kits, bags of rice, and sunglasses to those in need. It was a wonderful time of ministry as the Lord’s love was shared in a tangible and practical way. During the week, there was ministry to those living on the beaches of Waimanalo teaming up with Loaves & Fishes. The Jesus Loves You volunteers also went to those in need in Wahiawa. Pallets of school supplies were donated to a very grateful elementary school as the children gathered for an assembly featuring “Abounding Grace” rope jumpers. They were so excited and were invited to Saturday’s Free Keiki Carnival.

  • Free Dinner & Concert - There was a great turn-out as people lined up for a delicious dinner offered free of charge. Special music and inspirational hula followed. Pastor Francis then shared a gospel message and we saw many dedicate and re-commit their hearts to the Lord.

  • Free Keiki Carnival/Gospel Presentations - You could sense the excitement in the air as families arrived at the Keiki Carnival and enjoyed the rides, games, jumpers, face painting, crafts, & food (we ran out of hot dogs at 1,250!). Each and everything was free of charge! There was a food and clothing distribution center as well. Throughout the day everything closed down and the families enjoyed special presentations such as: Christian martial arts, an awesome magic show, and the rope jumpers. At each venue, the Gospel was presented and we saw many boys and girls, moms and dads respond to receive the Lord. And that’s what it is all about...bringing the love and hope of Jesus to others.

  • Mahalo! This ministry would not be possible without the help of hundreds of volunteers, donations of food, goods, supplies, and financial support. Thank you so much!


  • Many hearts and lives were touched and given to the Lord through outreaches to the needy, our Women's Outreach Breakfast, and the free two-night concert where people enjoyed the wonderful music of The Katinas, Crystal Lewis, Terry & Nancy Clark, Afatia Thompson, and Trila Wood. A Christian halau danced a beautiful hula to the Lord, accompanied by special music by Crystal and Francis.

  • A container of food goods and hygiene kits for the homeless and needy was shipped over from the mainland. Our thanks to Dovetail Ministries for this tremendous donation, Calvary Chapel Montebello for sending volunteers to load it, and to Horizon Lines for graciously shipping it for free! A big mahalo to the local volunteers who transported the container and loaded it into our storage facility. These goods will be used to reach out to the needy throughout this year and next.

  • Three pallets of school supplies were donated to give to schools in need.

  • Our permit went through for use of the Waikiki Shell Amphitheater.

  • Watanabe Florist donated beautiful flower arrangements for our outreaches.

  • A wonderful group of local volunteers helped make our events possible. We are so grateful for their hard work and labors of love.

  • A team of great servants of the Lord from El Camino Christian Fellowship and other parts of the mainland came over to help, leading several people to the Lord during their times of ministry.

  • The Lord kept everyone safe from those traveling from the mainland, to those working at the outreaches, to all who attended the events.

  • The Lord brought 20 local churches on board to be a part of Jesus Loves You Honolulu!


  • Many hearts-boys, girls, moms and dads, were given over to the Lord during the outreaches and are being plugged into the church.

  • Calvary Chapel Bible College Indianapolis – Sent a team of 15 servants to help with Jesus Loves You as well as doing local service projects and ministry to the homeless.

  • Calvary Chapel Montebello – Sent a team of people to help with our outreach; they also did a VBS at the transitional shelter in Waianae and ministered to the homeless.

  • Hawaii Foodbank - Donated 2 huge pallets of food for our distribution to the homeless and needy!

  • Sheraton Moana Hotel – Donated 450 bed linens for the homeless.

  • The Hawaiian Hilton Hotel - Donated 250 bed covers and 100 beach mats.

  • Conrad Stationery – Donated four palets of school supplies which were delivered to needy schools! The teachers and student were blessed big time!

  • Trash Container – The container will be donated for our outreach (normally about $1,000 expense).

  • Fortress Eyewear – Shipped four huge boxes containing hundreds of sunglasses for our outreach!

  • Take No Glory – These musicians have donated thousands of CD’s to give away as evangelism tools. Each CD contains music as well as a reading of the Gospel of John at the end.

  • Chaz Yandall – Arrived safely from the Philippines to help!

  • Park Permit – Miraculously, we received approval to use Halewia District Park.

  • Insurance – After difficulty in finding an insurer for our event, the Lord provided a company who would!

  • Poi Pounders – Offered us a huge discount on the purchase of t-shirts. All proceeds benefit the ministry of Jesus Loves You.

  • First Presbyterian Church, CC Leeward, and CC Central Oahu – Allowed us to use their games for the carnival.

  • North Shore Christian Fellowship – Provided huge tents, the stages, and generators, for our concert and keiki carnival.

  • Local Calvary Chapels – Provided volunteers, sold t-shirts, and donated food & clothes for our distribution center.

  • Haleiwa Joe’s – Allowed us the use of their entire restaurant for our women’s continental breakfast outreach.

  • Keneke’s – Provided food for the breakfast at a big discount.

  • Security – Provided by off-duty police officers.

  • Dollar Thrifty Car Rental - Gave discounted rentals on the needed vans for the mainland teams.

  • Watanabe Florist – Donated flower arrangements for our dinner/concert and women’s outreach.

  • Planted by the River - Donated 75 jars of curds for our women’s outreach.

  • Ohana Rentals – Gave us a nearly $1,000 discount on the rides, jumpers, etc.

  • Donations of 100# rice, 2 cases of Chili and 2 cases of Hot Dogs, and 100# of ground turkey for our Friday night dinner/concert; chips for nachos.

  • Pepsi Co. – Donated 15 cases of bottled water.

  • McDonalds – Donated juice and cups.

  • Monetary Donations – Have arrived from several dear mainland friends.

  • Prayer Power – From many here in Hawaii, the mainland, and even the “uttermost part of the world!” Thank you! PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW. WHAT GREAT THINGS HE HAS DONE!


  • Salvation went out as many moms, dads, and kids gave their hearts to Jesus through one-on-one evangelism, the evening dinner & concert; and the keiki carnival gospel presentations. We can't thank the Lord enough for this great gift!

  • It stormed the week of our outreach but God used it to allow us to minister to those living on the beaches as our teams brought much needed food and supplies. The weather was perfect the day of our Keiki Carnival though. Thanks for your prayers.

  • The HSE (Horizon School of Evangelism) students were here for their practicum. They helped with Jesus Loves You Waianae as well as ministering to the homeless, doing work on various church campuses, taking part in our church services, and just being a great blessing to all!

  • 16 people from Calvary Montebello came to help as well as people from Seattle, southern California, and Indianapolis. What an encouragement!

  • Moana Hotel & Princess Kailulani Hotel - Donated blankets, sheets, pillows, and amenity bags for our outreach to the homeless and needy!

  • Roll-off Container – This container was donated for our outreach and for any other future Jesus Loves You’s, which is a great savings!

  • Fortress Eyewear – Shipped five huge boxes containing hundreds of sunglasses for our outreach!

  • Banners – Each one cost nearly $150 here in Hawaii. We were able to order them through Chaz at discounted price.

  • Park Permit – We received approval to our letter requesting permission for exclusive use of parking lot, driving on the grass, a sound system, stage and generator!

  • Tamura’s & Waianae Store – Granted permission to have our flyers put into the grocery bags!

  • First Presbyterian Church – Allowed us to use one of their stages as well as their keiki games; they also collected canned goods at their Thanksgiving gathering for our outreach!

  • Kaimuki Christian School – Held a rice drive by their students and donated over 3 tons of rice!!!

  • Calvary Chapel Downtown – Donated 150 pounds of chili!


  • Many children, moms and dads, and others in attendance responded to the Gospel shared throughout the day and came to know Jesus!

  • It was supposed to pour down rain that Saturday, but the Lord cleared the skies and it was an absolutely beautiful day!

  • The trailer that our friend Jimmy so graciously donated was transported to Long Beach, shipped over for free, is in Honolulu and was greatly used to bless others!!! As inside that trailer are: ten rectangular tables, two round tables, 150 chairs, 5 huge coolers, 2 juicers, a stove, a grill, a pot that will be able to cook 1000 hot dogs, a sound system with mics and mic stands...all given to bless others!

  • That the Lord opened the doors for us to have our outreach at Waimanalo Elementary & Intermediate School located on the main street of Waimanalo.

  • Hawaii Stationery donated two pallets of school supplies for the kids and classroom supplies for the teachers. They were so happy to receive many needed items.

  • We were able to bring hygiene gift kits (donated by Dovetail Ministries) and gift boxes for the children filled with school supplies and toys to the needy and those living on the beaches of Waiamanalo!

  • Calvary Chapel Downtown donated the 50 pounds of hot dogs, 250 pounds of chili and 4 cases of nacho cheese! Hansens Foods will be donating 50 pounds of hot dogs and three cases of condiments!

  • Fortress Eyewear donated four giant boxes of sunglasses to distribute!

  • After much prayer, the DVD was completed. Thanks to Cal & Rey for the donation of their time and talents to this project.

  • Someone provided for Chaz Yandall, who was such a tremendous help to us for JLY Waianae, to travel from the Philippines to be with us for JLY Waimanalo. Someone else also provided for his wife Terrie to come over as well. And another friend provided for Danny Cruz to come over and share his great gift of music for the outreach.

  • For all of the volunteers from the local Calvary Chapels and for the support of the pastors of these churches.

  • As late as a week before the outreach, we did not have enough finances for the budget for JLYW, but we were totally trusting the Lord to provide. And through the generous giving of folks on our prayer team, the Lord brought in the needed remaining finances to enable each and every thing to be free of charge! We can't thank Him...and you....enough!


  • On Saturday, December 9 over 1,000 children plus adults attended Jesus Loves You Waianae! The park was filled with laughter and joy as over 200 volunteers from the local Calvary Chapels helped reach out to these kids. Many keiki came to Jesus through the outreach presentations. There was also a food distribution and clothing distribution center. Praise the Lord for all HE did that day!

  • On December 16, a team of people distributed 8,000 hygiene kits and several pallets of ramen graciously donated by Dovetail Ministries and shipped free of charge by Horizon Lines! We also handed out 3 1/2 tons of rice (collected by Kaimuki Christian School), 500 school supply bags, and 1,200 pair of sunglasses (donated by Fortress Eyewear Company-all with a psalm reference printed in the inside of the frame!)...for the homeless living on the beaches of Waianae!

  • Several students from the Horizon School of Evangelism loaded drove up to Montebello to load the container of hygiene kits, ramen, and five wheelchairs which were given to local agencies. Awesome!!

  • A great Committee/Team of people with like minds & hearts!

  • Facility - Waianae District Park…and the Gymnasium Floor!

  • Logo design by Etheos Interactive (Shayna Kusumoto) at discounted price

  • DVD shot and produced by Lasting Memories Productions free of charge (thanks Cal Rey!) - greatly used by God to share the vision

  • Pastor's luncheon funded by Calvary Chapel South County

  • All of the island's Calvary pastors & churches are on board with hearts united towards the Jesus Loves You vision!

  • Sound system, kid's games, puppet show provided by Calvary Chapel Central Oahu

  • Keiki Program in place (keiki hula; magic show; Christian martial arts; puppet show); each to be concluded with a Gospel message & opportunity for the children to receive Jesus!

  • $1,000 discount from Ohana Party Rentals/rides inflatables (per Coalition of Christian Churches)

  • Financial contributions from mainland churches & friends

  • Financial contributions from local churches & friends

  • Poi Pounder T-Shirt company offering great price for shirts

  • Selling of t-shirts by all local Calvary Chapels - proceeds to benefit Jesus Loves You

  • Donation of 200 pounds of Zippy's chili by Calvary Downtown Honolulu

  • Donation of 10 cases of water from Menehune Water Co.

  • Donation of juice from McDonalds

  • Donations of food items from Tyson Foods, Redondos, Sinaloa and a discount from Love's Bakery

  • Evening outreach music & sound system provided by Native Roots

  • Evening outreach hula presentation by Calvary Chapels (combined halau)

  • Donation of bags for shoewear & mats for evening outreach by Hilton Hawaiian Village

  • Food Drives from all local Calvary Chapels

  • Food Drive and games donation from First Presbyterian Church of Honolulu

    Thank you Lord for Your favor and Your mercies. Thank you for all You've done for us, in us and through us. And now Lord, may we please You in all we do, to make You smile in heaven. We love You Lord and praise You for Your glory. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

    To God be the glory, great things He has done!!! Thank you folks for all your prayers and support and love. May our Lord richly fill your lives with His presence.
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