Please read about what the Lord has done through "Jesus Loves You" outreaches held in various communities across the island:



Before Francis concluded his message and the altar call even began, he rhetorically asked, “Will anyone here tonight receive Jesus into their heart and life?” In a clear, loud voice a man in the crowd stood to his feet and yelled, “I will!” The crowd erupted...and so did heaven.

We knew God was working in the hearts of the nearly 6,000 who packed the Stan Sheriff Center on July 31st, (along with the over 1,100 people who joined us online via the live webcast), but this was truly a move of His Spirit. This tatoo-faced man whom some might look at and think, “No way would he come to the Lord”...could not even wait for the altar call to respond!

But due to your heartfelt prayers, God moved in ways we could never have imagined. In fact, salvation even occurred prior to the event at our Prayer Tent! This was one of the most joyful, awesome, and powerful evenings we have ever experienced as the Name of Jesus was lifted up.

A local group, Olivia the Band, took the stage first and had everyone rocking with their “head-banging” music. Then Jaci Velasquez was introduced with her husband, Nic Gonzales (lead singer of the group, “Salvador”). This neat couple sang with their hearts in glory to the One in whose honor we gathered, with Jaci singing “On My Knees” to a beautiful duo of signing and hula.

A DVD of the ministry of Jesus Loves You was shown and there were visible tears to see all that God has done in the past few years. What an amazing God we serve. Following a greeting from our Lt. Governor Duke Aiona, who is a Christian, the Katinas came on and completely rocked the house with their great style of worship and music. They are five Samoan brothers with a humility that is unmatched and the islands received them gladly. There was great joy in this House of the Lord! Francis followed with the song, “Upon This Rock” as a combined hula halau of 40 ladies from churches around the island danced. It was “chicken skin” time (local translation: “goose bumps”).

And then the most important part of the evening took place as Francis shared from God’s Word asking as Jesus did to Peter, “Who do people say that I am? Followed by the Lord’s heart-piercing question, “But who do YOU say that I am?” This challenge was put forth and many responded to the question to say that Jesus was now their Lord and Savior!

We continue to rejoice at all the Lord did. It could not have been possible without the prayers, the hundreds of volunteers, the 46 churches who participated, and the amazing support we have received. Thank you, thank you, thank you! And most of all, THANK YOU LORD!



In tears, a young woman shared: “I used to tell my kids when we went to a carnival, ‘Okay, you can go on one ride or play one game, and then we are going home’ because I knew we didn’t have the money to do more. At the last Jesus Loves You Waimanalo I could tell them, ‘Ride all the rides you want; play as many games as you’d like; eat all of the hot dogs, chili, and cotton candy you want!’ I was also able to get clothes for my baby girl that we couldn’t afford to buy. We felt loved that day and we felt safe.”

This year, after accepting the Lord at that event and attending Horizon the past two years....she was a volunteer at Jesus Loves You Waimanalo. And the Lord used her to minister to a single mom who was in the same position she was two years ago. That young mom was so blessed to know someone understood what she was going through. The Lord is amazing.


His Provision - We prayed for God’s provision and He came through....again! From the finances, to 1,250 donated hot dogs, to cans and cans of chili, to a giant tent, to discounts on “slush puppies”, to donations of hygiene gift kits and food, to hundreds of pieces of clothing, to beautiful plants and flowers for our events—the Lord provided abundantly. And all we can do is humbly thank Him.

The Weather- It had been raining nearly all week, but God cleared the skies and it was an absolutely beautiful weekend. This is one of the many areas where we have learned to totally trust God. HE Is in control!

Volunteers - We had a great turn-out of volunteers who were more than eager to serve...with smiles. The volunteers set the tone for the day. They came early to set up tents, tables, chairs, and areas. And they stayed late to break it all down. In between, they treated our guests with love, joy, and kindness. We are so thankful for each and every one who gave of their time to others.

Safety & Protection - One of our prayers was that everyone would be kept safe, with no injuries and the Lord answered that prayer. There were no incidents. In fact, people remarked how great it was to let their kids run and enjoy the day without worrying about them. We are thankful for the Lord’s protection over the entire grounds.

Physical Needs Met - Through the distribution of goods to the homeless living on the beaches (they needed jackets & one of the donated boxes contained brand new jackets & sweatshirts!), under a bridge, and in transitional housing...we were able to bring the Lord’s love in a tangible way. Many people were blessed by all that was given to them in the Jesus’ Name.

Spiritual Needs Met - At the women’s and men’s outreaches, the free dinner and concert, and the children’s carnival, the Gospel was presented and many people...moms, dads, young adults, and kids responded. Please pray for their continued growth in Him.

Thank You! - The most important aspect of the ministry of Jesus Loves You is that people come to Him as they experience His love for them through all that takes place. Another blessing for the community is being able to come to a carnival, forget the hardships they may be going through, and just have a good time. Thank you for joining with us to make Him known to a community so in need of Him.


"What about you? You need Jesus too!"

No truer words were ever spoken. But the source may surprise you. It came from a man who not more than 14 hours earlier had received the Lord at the Free Dinner and Concert Night at Jesus Loves You Wahiawa.

So many miracles, so many stories, so many hearts touched by the love of God.

There is no greater privilege, no higher honor than to go in God's stead to say "Jesus Loves You" to someone who has never heard it before, someone who is searching for True Love, or someone who has lost the hope of love altogether.

Wahiawa is a place with great need. A place where only the love of God could come and give peace where there once was none. And as God sent us out there with Jesus Loves You, we didn't know what He had planned. But He showed us everyday in every way that His thoughts and His ways are higher than ours.

There were answered prayers for everything from salvation to safety, from finances to our health, from the weather to a can of chili and everywhere in between. God once again showed Himself the Faithful One. And because of His great faithfulness, many more names are now written in the Lamb's Book Of Life.

If we can go out with some Bridge Builders like a smile, a kind word, and a prayer. A bag of rice, a hygiene kit, and a pair of sunglasses. Some cotton candy, a chili dog, some nachos. Some great music, some rides & jumpers and games, some face paint & some food & clothing. If we can reach someone for Jesus with some jump ropers or a karate demo. If a magic show could capture someone's attention and then later be used to capture someone's heart for Jesus, then all the glory belongs to God.

There were more people who attended the Concert and Carnival in Wahiawa than at any other event we've had. More challenges, more prayers, more dangers, more victories, more trials, more triumphs. More love, more power, more of Him in our lives. We knew God was going to do something great. And we were witnesses to it.

With the outreach to the needy during the week, women’s and men’s breakfast outreaches, and pallets of supplies to schools in need, peoples hearts were touched with the mercies of God. Friday night at the Concert and all day Saturday at the Carnival, the soft tradewinds of Wahiawa would carry the echo of the voices of moms and dads, aunties and uncles, boys & girls reciting the sinner’s prayer. It was the most heavenly experience one could have.

On Friday night after his message, Francis encouraged those who came to the Lord at the Concert to read the Bible everyday, to pray everyday, to go to church and to tell someone about Jesus. One of the first to come forward and make a decision for Christ was a couple who live in the area, received one of our fliers and decided to attend. The next morning, they were at a convenience store getting some coffee when the clerk had asked them if they were going to attend the Carnival that day. "We went to the Concert last night and gave our lives to Jesus" the husband said. "What about you? You need Jesus too!" Some sound theology for all of us, from the mouths of babes.

Without you and the Lord, this ministry would not be possible. God has used you in ways that you may never know. Thank you for your hearts toward our Lord and thank you for your involvement in the ministry. May God receive all of the glory and may He shower you with His grace. May He fill your hearts with His gladness and fill your lives with His joy. Mahalo again, and remember . . . Jesus Loves You.


We are so very grateful for all who came alongside us to serve the Lord shoulder to shoulder at Jesus Loves You Honolulu. Here are some highlights of an awesome week of ministry.

Ministry to the Needy - A team of great servants of the Lord from El Camino Christian Fellowship Encinitas came to assist with the distribution of goods to those in need in both Waimanalo and along the Waianae coast. As they gave of themselves to others, the Lord touched their hearts in a special way. They reported of going back to San Diego to encourage their church to join them in reaching out to their own community, due to their experience here through Jesus Loves You Honolulu. The Lord also used them to bring others the the saving grace of our Lord her in Honolulu. PTL!

Women's Outreach Breakfast - A Women’s Outreach Breakfast took place at a local hotel with 80 women in attendance. The setting was beautiful and everyone felt so loved and welcomed. Terry and Nancy Clark shared their special gift of worship and music. Eileen Nepomuceno presented an inspirational hula and Patty shared a message from God’s Word. Hearts were touched that morning as several women came forward for prayer. We were blessed by all the Lord did through this special ministry to women.

Free Concert Outreach - A Free Concert Outreach was held at the Waikiki Shell Amphitheater on Friday and Saturday night. Although rain threatened, and many parts of the island were drenched on Friday night, we had but sprinkles. Saturday brought perfect weather and beautiful clear skies.

Worship and music filled the air as people enjoyed outstanding perfor-mances by our special musical guests: The Katinas, Crystal Lewis, Terry and Nancy Clark, Danny Cruz, Trilla Wood and Afatia Thompson. Another highlight was the Gospel hula presented by a group of women as Francis shared in song one night, and Crystal the other. Backstage, people living in the park were invited to join us for dinner. We were so blessed to have them with us.

As the Gospel went out with messages by Francis each night, hearts were touched and healed. You could hear many people praying to ask Jesus into their hearts and lives, or to renew their commitment to Him. And that truly is what Jesus Loves You is all about...bringing His hope to a lost and dying world.

Mahalo to each and every person who helped make this vision from the Lord, a reality.


Week of May 10-15, 2008

Although the outreach culminated in the Friday night dinner and concert and the Saturday Keiki Carnival, ministry took place weeks before. There was outreach to the houseless on the beaches of Waimanalo, Waianae, and the North Shore bringing food, hygiene kits, sunglasses and hope; a Vacation Bible School at the transitional shelter; a stage full of school supplies delivered to schools in need; and a women's breakfast outreach. Each served to lead many moms, dads, boys and girls to Jesus. Our thanks to the teams from Calvary Chapel Bible College Indianapolis and Calvary Chapel Montebello!

Friday Night Free Dinner & Concert

It began with many helpers setting up three huge tents. We are so grateful for these volunteers. As a haze from the volcanic ash of the big island covered our island, it made a great climate for rain. But as our friend Chaz told a volunteer who thought it might pour, “It has never rained on a Jesus Loves You.” After prayer, a soft wind came…but the rain didn't! It was a beautiful night filled with the sounds and motions of a Gospel hula, music by Danny Cruz & Take No Glory, and a message by Francis. Salvation went out and it was a glorious evening.

Saturday Keiki Carnival

Many volunteers showed up early to set up the remaining tents, food and clothing center, games, food booth, and Gospel presentation area. We all gathered for prayer and a morning devotion and prayer. Francis welcomed everyone and with a shout of, “Jesus Loves You!...and the day began.


As the prayer team prayed for needs throughout the day, and food and clothes were given out, the kids ran to play games, bounce in the jumpers, and hop onto the rides. They grabbed a hot dog and chili, nachos and fruit punch…and of course, cotton candy. They had their face painted or took a pic on top of a Harley. In the craft booth where beaded Gospel bracelets were being made…one boy sat intently fixed on Jeff who was sharing the love of Jesus with him. Although his cotton candy was melting, he didn't care. All he wanted was to ask Jesus into his heart and with a prayer, he did. And that's what Jesus Loves You is all about.


As the air horn was sounded every hour and a half, and everything closed down, the kids ran eagerly to the Gospel presentation tent to see rope jumpers, a martial arts demo, and magic show. It was here that many hearts were given to Jesus. Two boys were ready to leave for the day when Burt said, “You can't go yet. There's an awesome magic show to see!” The boys stayed…and both came to the Lord.


Each and everything was offered free of charge to the families and they were so grateful. But the most important thing is that many left with was the free gift of salvation. Words can't describe that and its eternal worth.

Our heartfelt thanks to all who supported this outreach through prayer, volunteering, and donations of all kinds. We couldn't have done it without you!


How can we possible describe what took place through Jesus Loves You Waianae?! There is no way, but we pray these highlights will give you a small glimpse into what the Lord did to let the Waianae Coast know of His great love for them.

God’s Provision

From thousands of hygiene kits, to 2 tons of food, to 200 bags of rice, to hundreds of sunglasses, to financial support, to clothes and toys…the list goes on as to God’s great provision. All thanks and praise to Him! We are also thankful for the Horizon School of Evangelism students, the team from CC Montebello, and our friends from Seattle, Indianapolis, Redding, and southern California who paid their own way and expenses to just come over and help. What a blessing each and every one was to our hearts and ministry.

Outreach to the Needy

We were privileged to deliver hygiene gift kits, sunglasses, school supply bags to those living on the beaches and in nearby transitional shelters. The beautiful kids living there were overjoyed at their new gifts. And then, the week leading up to our outreach, a storm hit the Waianae Coast pummeling those living in tents with rain and 75 mph winds! We were given two tons of food from the Hawaii Food Bank and teams of people went along the beaches delivering food, clothes, and bedding. A local newspaper reporter was doing a story on the weather situation (downed power lines, telephone poles, and trees lined the streets) when he came upon Jesus Loves You teams going tent to tent in the pouring rain. bringing the much needed goods. He proceded to highlight this event in an article he wrote. We are blessed that many lives were touched by this outpouring of love and hope.

Free Dinner & Concert

On Friday, December 7th, we held a free concert with local Christian groups The Opihi Pickers and Native Roots, gospel hula, and Danny Cruz from San Diego. As Francis shared the Good News to people so desperately in need of some, many responded to the call to give their hearts to Jesus. They are being followed up by the Calvary Chapel there. Please pray for them.

Free Keiki Carnival

We had planned for terrible weather, but the Lord gave us a bright sunny day! You could hear the squeals of delight as the kids could just be kids for a day and enjoy rides, games, hot dogs, cotton candy, face painting, crafts, and more…all free of charge! It was so heartening to hear the sounds of joy from a community that has faced such difficulties.

Food & Clothes Center

We were able to provide boxes of food and donated clothes to those who came to the outreach. People walked out with bags of goodies and they were so very grateful. One lady remarked, “I could just feel the love when I walk in that room.” It’s Jesus!

Gospel Presentations

As all rides and games shut down three times throughout the day, the children ran to the presentation tents anticipating what was in store. They were enthralled with the Christian martial arts, a magic show, hula, and special music by Danny Cruz. As Rachel, Mike, and Francis shared the Gospel many moms, dads, and children responded. What a touching scene to see heads bowed in surrender to our Lord. This is the reason that Jesus Loves You Waianae exists….that hearts would be given over to Him.



Saturday, August 25, 2007 - “The National Weather Service has canceled a flash flood warning for the island of O'ahu."

The statement above was the breaking news headline in the Honolulu Advertiser on Saturday. And we know it was because.......GOD ANSWERS PRAYER!!

Thank you so much for your faithful prayers. The weather in Waimanalo was absolutely beautiful on Saturday for Jesus Loves You Waiamanalo! (On parts of the island it rained 3 to 4 inches an hour that day, but not on the side we were on).

Waimanalo Elementary & Intermediate School was a blank, empty field when we arrived, but in only a couple of hours the volunteers converted it into a Fun Zone for Jesus!! As our newly donated beautiful red trailer was unloaded...chairs were set up, tents were assembled, the cooking began and each and every volunteer's heart (nearly 250 of them) was readied to treat our “guests" to a day of joy...just for them...from Jesus.

The kids were so happy and the parents were the heroes of the day, as they were able to bring their children to an event where they didn't have to worry about the cost...for each and every thing was free of charge. One parent remarked, “I felt so safe bringing my children here. Thank you."

The keiki ran from ride-to-ride, game-to-game, jumper-to-jumper...periodically stopping, of course, for a cool drink, a hot dog, nachos, and cotton candy, or to have their picture taken on a shiny Harley Davidson motorcycle!

Every hour, the airhorn would sound, the rides would close down and Francis would announce the opening of our big tent to special presentations, always followed with the words: “And remember, Jesus loves you." Rope jumpers jumped with all their might; the karate kids shared their awesome talents; the gospel hula dancers danced their hearts out for Jesus; the magic amazed and astounded all; and special live Christian music delighted their souls. Each and every presentation was followed by an opportunity to receive Jesus. During those times, many, many children and their parents came forward to ask Jesus into their hearts. To hear those little voices pray aloud, was beyond description. We know that even the angels must have wept.

The families were also invited to our food, clothing, and toy distribution center walking out with bags of goodies. Most everyone at the park that day received a beautiful pair of sunglasses, so graciously donated by a friend's company. There were also special prize giveaways from DVD players, to sound systems, to grocery & restaurant gift certificate, to bikes.

As the sun began to set on this glorious day, our wonderful volunteers cleared the school field leaving it even cleaner that when we arrived. Each and every task, no matter how big or small, was done for the Lord and for His glory.

We are so thankful for your faithful prayers, financial support, and encouragement. You will never know what it has meant to us. We love you all...and always remember, Jesus loves you.


Jesus Loves You Waianae took place on December 9, 2006 at Waianae District Park

Read more about what happened at Jesus Loves You Waianae! and how this ministry all came about by clicking on the following link:

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